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Lourdes University Art Adjunct and Student Both Enter a Piece in Crow Show Exhibition

Patrick DuBreuil and Clare Bennett participate in the Crow Show 2024.

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Photos courtesy of Arts Illiana.

Blending education and creativity, Lourdes University’s art adjunct, Patrick DuBreuil, and art major, Clare Bennett, are participating in the current Crow Show 2024 exhibition at Arts Illiana in Terra Haute, Indiana.

Their involvement stemmed from a mutual interest in avian artistry when Clare Bennett stumbled upon the Crow Show and informed her mentor, Patrick DuBreuil, about the opportunity. DuBreuil, known for his expertise in assemblage art, found the idea intriguing.

Having previously worked with Sr. Magdala Davlin, OSF, on the Mother Adelaide sculpture, DuBreuil welcomed the chance to work with Bennett in a different capacity. As Clare’s printmaking instructor, DuBreuil offered guidance and support.

For the Crow Show, DuBreuil submitted an intricate assemblage piece using old albums, showcasing his talent for transforming everyday objects into art. Bennett contributed a striking print piece reflecting her own unique artistic vision.

The Crow Show, open to submissions from North American artists, provides a platform for both established and emerging talents to explore the theme of crows in their artwork. The artistic interpretations of the subject are vast, allowing the individuality of the artists to shine through.

Entries for the Crow Show were accepted until January 5, with special guest artist Shayla Fish reviewing the submissions. Recently, both DuBreuil and Bennett learned their works were accepted for the exhibition, but it doesn’t stop there. Bennett’s piece sold, and DuBreuil won Best of Show.

Artists and art enthusiasts alike are invited to attend and immerse themselves in the creativity on display. The exhibition runs through March 15, 2024.

For more information about the Crow Show 2024 or to explore the submissions, visit Arts Illiana’s Crow Show web page:

Arts illiana news article photo
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