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Appold Planetarium

The Appold Planetarium is essential to Lourdes University’s community outreach efforts.

Solar System

About the Planetarium

Appold Planetarium provides real-time 3D sky simulations, full-dome shows, and multimedia presentations.

Built in 1964, the former Copernicus Planetarium underwent renovations in 2006 to become a digital immersive theater. The planetarium features SciDome, a single projector full-dome video system powered by Starry Night software. Thanks to generous donors James and Patricia Appold, the Appold Planetarium has allowed for the expansion of astronomy instruction for Lourdes’ undergraduate programs, as well as biology and education.

Public shows bring in a cross-section of the community and have been used to educate people of all ages, from preschoolers through senior citizens. Lourdes students, staff, and faculty receive discounted admission to public events.

For more information, contact the Planetarium at or 419-517-8897.

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Please contact the Appold Planetarium at 419-517-8897.

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