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College of Nursing and Social Sciences

Nursing and social sciences are academic disciplines that examine how individuals live, heal, interact, develop as a culture, and influence the world.

Lourdes University’s nursing and social science graduates become dedicated professionals in patient care, social work, education, criminal justice, public health, and psychology.

The College of Nursing and Social Science prides itself on providing students with an educational environment that incorporates quality practices, critical thinking, leadership, diversity, and Christian ethics.

The College of Nursing and Social Sciences prepares professionals to care for individuals, educate future generations, protect communities, and improve overall quality of life.


Undergraduate and graduate programs that emphasize nursing theory, research, and practice to facilitate personal and professional development and encourage lifelong learning.

Criminal and Social Justice

A Criminal and Social Justice degree prepares students for careers in law, law enforcement, corrections, political science, public administration, and other government and service professions.


Lourdes offers six undergraduate and three graduate degree programs that prepare caring, competent, and qualified educators.


A Psychology degree prepares graduates for clinical, health, counseling, developmental, forensic, school psychology, or neuroscientist careers.

Public Health

Students pursuing a Public Health degree learn firsthand the relationships between government and healthcare access, the treatment and prevention of diseases, and the economics and ethics of health.

Social Work

Lourdes Social Work graduates qualify for the Ohio licensure exam (LSW) and acceptance into graduate-accredited social work programs with advanced-standing status.

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