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Lourdes University Announces Return of Beloved Mascot Amidst Student Demand

Overwhelming sentiment prompts university officials to reconsider current mascot’s reign.

Gubi Mascot

In a surprising turn of events, Lourdes University has decided to bring back its former mascot, Gubi, after overwhelming pleas from students. The decision marks a significant departure from the current version of the Gray Wolf mascot, which has been a source of pride and spirit for the university community.

For years, Gubi the Gray Wolf has prowled the sidelines of Lourdes University’s sporting events, rallies, and academic gatherings, embodying the spirit and energy of the university. However, recent student sentiment has shown a nostalgic yearning for the previous iteration of Gubi, prompting university officials to reconsider the current mascot’s reign.

“Though Gubi the Gray Wolf has served us well, it’s evident that the heart of our student body still beats for the original Gubi,” remarked JoAnn Gordon, Athletics Director at Lourdes University. “We value the feedback of our students and believe that bringing back the former mascot will rekindle their enthusiasm and bring them comfort.”

The decision to revert to the old Gubi comes after weeks of deliberation and feedback collection from students, faculty, and alumni. The sentiment resonated strongly across campus, with social media campaigns, petitions, and even campus rallies advocating for the return of the beloved mascot.

“Gubi has always been more than just a symbol; it’s a representation of our collective identity and pride as Lourdes students,” expressed Ryan Wronkowicz, Sports Information Director at Lourdes University. “Bringing back the original Gubi feels like a nod to our tradition and history, something that connects us all as a community.”

As the university gears up for the unveiling of the beloved former mascot, students and alumni alike eagerly await the opportunity to welcome back an old friend. The return of Gubi promises to be a momentous occasion, symbolizing the enduring legacy and spirit of Lourdes University.

The university would also like to remind readers that today is April Fools Day, and if you got this far, surprise! The current Gubi isn’t going anywhere, and will remain the face of Lourdes University for years to come. Have a blessed week!

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