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Designetics Donates $15,000 to Lourdes University’s Like Me Program

Multifaceted program tackles widespread disparity between students and educators of color.

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In a significant move towards fostering diversity in the education sector, Designetics, a pioneering name in innovative fluid application solutions, has generously contributed $15,000 to Lourdes University’s Like Me program. The charitable donation reflects Designetics’ commitment to addressing the critical need for increased representation of teachers of color in the K-12 education workforce.

The Like Me program aims to tackle the disparity between students and educators of color across the United States. Statistics from the US Department of Education reveal that less than 20 percent of the nation’s K-12 teaching workforce are teachers of color, starkly contrasting the 50 percent representation among student populations.

Through strategic partnerships with Springfield Local, Sylvania, Toledo Public, and Washington Local Schools, Lourdes University’s Like Me program endeavors to attract, prepare, and mentor students of color to pursue careers in education. The program’s multifaceted approach includes offering College Credit Plus and Dual Enrollment opportunities, providing scholarships to Lourdes University students, facilitating loan forgiveness for education majors, and fostering mentorship opportunities.

The donation from Designetics will directly impact students, enabling Lourdes University to continue its efforts to bridge the gap between students of color and teachers of color in the education sector. As Lourdes University strives to forge new educational partnerships and champion diversity in education, contributions from industry leaders such as Designetics serve as catalysts for meaningful change and progress.

Please visit here for more information about Lourdes University’s Like Me program and opportunities for collaboration and support.

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