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Beyond Free Tuition: Chris Rowland’s Story

Lourdes University freshman’s path to success is due to his determination and the compassion of Pete Kadens.

Chris Rowland

In February 2020, Pete Kadens, a philanthropist and entrepreneur, made waves at Scott High School by delivering an incredible announcement. Standing before a group of seniors, he revealed that they would have the opportunity to attend college without the burden of financial constraints. The initiative was possible through HOPE Toledo, an organization Kadens founded.

Among the fortunate recipients of this generosity was Chris Rowland, now a freshman at Lourdes University. Despite encountering numerous challenges along his journey, Chris remains steadfast in pursuing higher education and achieving his dreams.

Lourdes University, recognizing the potential and determination of students like Chris, wholeheartedly embraces the chance to support them. Regardless of age or background, Lourdes is dedicated to providing assistance and resources that empower individuals to turn their aspirations into tangible realities. Lourdes University continues prioritizing student success and fostering a community where all students can thrive and succeed.

How compassion, not just free tuition, helped one Ohio student achieve his college dreams.

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