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2024 Lourdes University Day of Giving Raises Over $130,000

Outpouring of donations for annual event continue to rise.

Lourdes Campus

Lourdes University is pleased to announce the success of its annual Day of Giving fundraising initiative, reflecting the dawn of a “New Day” under the leadership of President Dr. William Bisset. With donations surpassing $130,000 and continuing to rise, the outpouring of support is a direct reflection of the profound dedication of the Lourdes community, alumni, and individuals compelled to support the university’s mission.

“We are deeply thankful for the overwhelming support from our donors, whose generosity propels our initiatives forward,” expresses Brittany Telander, Director of Donor Relations. “We want donors to know that our work would not be possible without their commitment and generosity.”

Dr. William Bisset, President of Lourdes University, emphasizes the impact of Day of Giving on the university’s community. “What a lot of people may not understand is that when they give a gift to Lourdes, the impact is felt personally and immediately,” he explains. “For individuals or businesses seeking to make a contribution that directly affects students, this is it.”

The success of the 2024 Day of Giving propels the spirit of the university and reaffirms the steadfast dedication of the Lourdes community. As the university continues to progress under Dr. Bisset’s leadership, each contribution serves as a beacon of hope, empowering students to pursue their dreams and drive positive change.

Once again, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to those who chose to partake in this year’s Day of Giving, and look forward to the progress that can be achieved in the years to come.

Those who missed the Day of Giving event but still wish to contribute can do so by visiting

For further information, please contact Brittany Telander at

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