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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Bachelor of Science

The Business Analytics program is one of the best ways for business students to add hard skills and a portfolio to their resumes. It provides excellent training for jobs in nearly every industry. The program includes some math and coding but focuses on the skills employers are hiring for today.

In an era when data is pivotal to business success, the need for proficient business analysts has never been greater. Lourdes’ Business Analytics program meets this growing demand, providing a comprehensive education in data fundamentals and advanced analytical techniques.

Lourdes students will emerge as adept analysts, ready to confront the pressing business challenges of our time with innovative data-driven strategies and practical communication skills. They will be well-prepared to navigate the complexities of industries from finance to healthcare while making lasting contributions to the global business landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this program is a good fit for me?
There is a strong demand for data professionals, and excellent careers await on the other side of graduation. Business Analytics involves business communications and problem-solving. You’ll need basic statistics knowledge for these roles, but you’ll also need to understand how people and businesses work to connect the dots.

Can I work in data if I don’t love math?
You do not need to be a mathlete to be successful in Business Analytics. There are still minimum math requirements, but the approach is far more holistic and leverages everything from design to interpersonal skills. Strategic, “connect the dot” thinkers will thrive here.

What industries can I work in?
In today’s world, there is demand for analysts in just about every industry—professional sports leagues, marketing, oil and gas, green energy, pharmaceuticals, or real estate. In just about every sector, there are open positions for data analysts, which provides graduates with career choices and job security.

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