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Lourdes University students majoring in the arts and sciences, business, education, and social sciences can choose to minor in philosophy.problems. Knowledge of chemistry aids students in understanding the technological society in which we live.

A minor in Philosophy broadens the career and educational plans of law, business, healthcare, and education students. The Lourdes University Department of Philosophy and Values curriculum introduces philosophy minors to elements of traditional and symbolic logic, relation to language and thought, and theory of meaning.

Philosophy exposes students to the significant writings of various ethical thinkers since the time of Plato. Students also learn about the philosophical method and study the Christian concept of the human individual’s obligations to others, especially relating to modern ethical problems in healthcare.

Plan of Study


Total credit hours: 21

The curriculum for the minor is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop sensitivity to human needs, an awareness of value systems, skills in human relations, and the ability to plan appropriate courses of action after analyzing alternatives. Students will explore the thoughts and methodologies of the major philosophers in various periods of human history and their relevance to problems that confront society today. The curriculum further provides for an exploration into the basic methodologies and various aspects involved in the valuing process. The philosophy minor is viewed as complementary to the mission of Lourdes University and to the various majors students are pursuing.


PHL 102 Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHL 490 Special Project: Field Experience in Professional Ethics

Students must choose one of the following two courses:
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 103 Introduction to Ethics

Students must choose the remaining (12) credit hours to complete the minor as follows:

  1. At least one course from each specialty area totaling (9) credit hours, excluding PHL 490, which is required.
  2. One upper level course in a specialty area of the student’s choice, excluding PHL 490, which is required.

Specialty Areas

Human Nature, Values, and Ethics
PHL 202 Ethics for the Health Professional
PHL 302 Philosophy of Religion
PHL 310 Bio-Ethics
PHL 315 Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 320 Philosophy of Art: Aesthetics
PHL 425 Human Values and Mental Health
PHL 430 Business Ethics

Logic and Knowledge
PHL 305 Symbolic Logic
PHL 306 Philosophy of Knowledge: Epistemology
PHL 307 Inductive Logic and Scientific Method
PHL 405 Philosophy of Science: Natural and Social
PHL 410 Philosophy of Being: Metaphysics

Great Ideas in Philosophy
PHL 340 History of Philosophy I
PHL 341 History of Philosophy II
PHL 440 Contemporary Philosophy
PHL 450 Seminar in Individual Philosophers
PHL 451 Seminar in Major Philosophical Movements

Philosophy Faculty


Mark S. Christensen, M.A.

Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy and Values; Associate Professor of Philosophy

Csaba Nyiri, Ph.D.

Csaba Nyiri, Ph.D.

Instructor of Philosophy - Adjunct Faculty

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