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Lourdes Society

Lourdes Society members are part of a leadership group invested in continuing Lourdes University’s tradition of being a premier institution delivering life-changing experiences.

Lourdes Society members know the value Lourdes offers students through a personalized and hands-on education. Such value grows exponentially when Lourdes students enter our communities and workforces. Our graduates’ professionalism, ethical decision-making, and overall compassion for all are showcased in the community by their work as nurses, teachers, financial advisors, and more.

Lourdes is one of the only Franciscan and private institutions within our region. Lourdes Society members’ investments at the University assist the institution in maintaining its operational excellence while expanding its ability to be innovative. Members accomplish that through annual donation commitments at the $1,000 level or more. Those investments may be designated to any area of particular interest or given to the area of greatest need.

You can impact our students’ lives by prioritizing Lourdes University in your philanthropic giving.

$1,000 level assistance towards a student’s room and board

$3,000 level assistance towards student or faculty professional development opportunities

$5,000 level assistance towards enhancing campus life experiences such as Lourdes Mission and International trips

$10,000 level assistance towards curriculum enhancement and educational innovation

Make your mark today in a student’s life by becoming a Lourdes Society member. With your gift today, you can expect:

  • Invitations to Lourdes University events and gatherings
  • Insider track on exclusive University news and announcements
  • Opportunity to celebrate together at our exclusive society event, APPLAUD

As a Lourdes Society member, you will make a difference in the lives of students like Claudia.

“As I start my fifth semester here at Lourdes, I’m so excited for my classes and this opportunity to grow and learn. I always wanted to advance in life but did not always have the means and resources to do so. More than that, I didn’t have anyone in my corner until I came to Lourdes. Thank you for your gifts, your belief, your love and support, and most importantly, for helping me and the students at Lourdes University.” 


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