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Institutional Advancement

The Lourdes University Office of Institutional Advancement plays a vital role in providing an excellent education for students. In addition to securing scholarship and annual funds to benefit students, the office is also responsible for the university’s brand and identity.

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations

Many programs at Lourdes University depend on funding that comes from external sources.

Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations is responsible for finding funding opportunities that match the mission and strategic initiatives of the University and working with students, faculty, staff and administration to develop proposals that bring this funding to Lourdes.

Each year, the university receives more than $2 million in funding to support student success, development of new academic and student programs, capital improvements to the campus, professional development for faculty and staff, and community outreach efforts.

Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations can serve as a resource to students by providing assistance to individual students seeking fellowships to continue or expand their educational opportunities and student organizations seeking financial support or in-kind donations for a specific project or initiative.

The office also provides presentations about grant writing for classes and organizations. Students who are interested in gaining experience in grant research or writing are welcome to contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 419-517-8990.

The following Lourdes University programs have been supported by corporate, foundation or government funding:

  • Appold Planetarium
  • Athletics
  • Career Services
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business and Leadership
  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of Nursing
  • Distinguished History Lecture
  • First Year Experience
  • Hearst Scholars
  • TRiO Student Support Services
  • Upward Bound


Lourdes University provides students with institutional aid in the form of academic, need-based and other forms of scholarships. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is responsible for securing gifts of financial support and time for Lourdes University’s academic, student life, campus ministry, athletic programs and capital programs.

Each of our donors makes a significant difference in the lives of Lourdes students. Through their generosity of time and financial support, students are equipped and empowered to pursue their educational and professional goals.

As responsible stewards, the Lourdes development and alumni relations staff pledges their dedication to transforming financial support into meaningful college education experiences.

We invite you to support the Catholic and Franciscan education Lourdes University provides our students. Your gift will make an immediate difference in the lives.

Lourdes Society

Lourdes Society members are part of a leadership group invested in continuing Lourdes tradition of being a premier institution delivering life-changing experiences. Members know the value Lourdes offers students through a personalized and hands-on education. Such value is exponentially grown when Lourdes students enter into our communities and workforces. Our graduates’ professionalism, ethical decision-making, and overall compassion for all are showcased in the community by their work as nurses, teachers, financial advisors, and more.

Lourdes is one of the only Franciscan and private institutions within our region. Lourdes Society members’ investments at the University assist the institution in maintaining its operational excellence while also expanding its ability to be innovative. This is accomplished through annual commitments by Lourdes Society members at the $1,000 level or more. These investments may be designated to any area of special interest or given to the area of greatest need.

By prioritizing Lourdes University in your philanthropic giving, you can impact at the

$1,000 level assistance towards a student’s room and board

$3,000 level assistance towards student or faculty professional development opportunities

$5,000 level assistance towards enhance campus life experiences such as Lourdes Mission and International trips

$10,000 level assistance towards curriculum enhancement and educational innovation

Make your mark today in a student’s life by becoming a Lourdes Society member. With your gift, you can expect:

  • Invitations to Lourdes University events and gatherings
  • Insider track on exclusive University news and announcements
  • Opportunity to celebrate together at our exclusive society event APPLAUD

Lourdes Society Contact:

Scott Wills
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Alumni Relations

The Lourdes University Alumni Association is the official organization of the institution’s graduates and certificate/license holders. The Alumni Association represents the strongest lifelong bond between Lourdes graduates, current and future students.


Scholarship Program

In an age where tuition continues to climb nationally for private and public institutions, the strength of our scholarship program has become increasing important as a key strategy to assist in keeping tuition affordable for Lourdes students. Currently, 94% of Lourdes undergraduate students who complete the Lourdes application process are eligible to receive some form of financial aid.

The scholarship program at Lourdes strives to meet the financial needs of a diverse student body. 60% of the student body at Lourdes is first-generation college students. 60% of all students are non-traditional, meaning they didn’t enroll in college courses direct from high school. Many are starting a second career, coming back to finish a degree, or setting out to accomplish a long-time dream of attaining their degree.

Through donor-funded and institutional-funded scholarships, the scholarship program at Lourdes contributes generously to the financial aid package of many students. Currently, through the generosity of Lourdes benefactors, the scholarship program consists of 48 endowed scholarships, 15 named scholarships and an additional 21 institutional scholarships. The offices of Institutional Advancement and Financial Aid continue to work together to offer an increasingly diverse scholarship program that benefits students of all backgrounds and areas of study.


  • Endowed scholarships last in perpetuity. The minimum dollar amount required to establish an endowed scholarship is $10,000 and can be paid through a pledge agreement not to exceed three years. Once endowed, a 12-quarter rolling average of the fund balance is awarded annually per the scholarship guidelines. By college policy, the principle amount of an endowment cannot be invaded. The donor making the scholarship possible is invited to assist in establishing the award guidelines.
  • Annually funded scholarships are awarded as contributions are received and funds do not accumulate. The minimum amount necessary to establish an annually funded scholarship is $1,000 with a commitment to support the fund annually for at least three years.

For more information on establishing a scholarship fund please contact:

Scott Wills
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a year-end gift of stock, you can find instructions here.


Lourdes is committed to the continued health and success of our students during this unprecedented time. We recognize the difficulties our students face in dealing with an all-online course delivery along with the personal challenges and financial strain that they and their families are facing. As a result, students are at risk with the possibility of not being able to continue their education.

Donations to Lourdes University today drive immediate and deep impact for our students and the institution as together we navigate the current world environment. We are incredibly grateful for our community and those passionate about Lourdes. When you give to Lourdes you add to the future of our community and those dedicated to its success.


A multitude of giving opportunities is available. We invite you to look at the overview of opportunities. For further information on opportunities that may be right for you, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 419-824-3980 to speak to a Development Associate.


To make a gift please follow this secure link.

As a private institution, Lourdes University does not receive any of the state funding that is available to public universities and colleges. Rather, we depend upon tuition dollars and the support of private donors from the community.

Lourdes serves men and women in northwest Ohio by providing continuing opportunities for intellectual discovery, accentuating both liberal learning and integrated professional education. Lourdes commits itself to preparing students with the skills and attitudes they need to lead rich and meaningful lives.


Lourdes University has an excellent reputation for preparing sought-after nursing graduates. Learn more about the College of Nursing degree programs and simulation labs. Learn how you can help make a positive difference in preparing future nurses.

Lourdes University College of Nursing Case for Support

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