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Diversity Studies

Diversity Studies


Discover the value of embracing diversity with our new Diversity Studies minor at Lourdes University. This interdisciplinary program is designed to enrich your academic experience and enhance your professional skills, making it an excellent complement to majors such as psychology, criminal social justice, social work, education, and nursing.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, students will explore a variety of perspectives and develop a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, communities, and social issues.

Enhance your academic journey and prepare for a diverse and interconnected world with the Diversity Studies minor at Lourdes University. Expand your horizons, deepen your understanding, and make a meaningful impact in your chosen field.


PART A: Complete 1 Course (3 credits):

SWK 209: Multicultural Perspectives OR PSY 302/CSJ 304: Diversity and Human Rights

PART B : Complete 1 Course (3 credits):

PSY 340: Psychology of Women
ART 447: History of Women Artists
HST 208: Women ni American History
ENQ 302: Women in Science
CSJ 412: Human Sexuality in Social Context
ENG 212: Gender and Literature

PART C : Complete 1 Course (3 credits):

CSJ 420: Poverty and Justice Issues
ASL 101: Introductory American Sign Language
CSJ 313: The Civil Rights Movement
ENG 213: Multiethnic U.S. Literature
ENG 412: Cultural Diversity and the Media
ENQ 305: Disability and Humanity
SWK 345: Spirituality and the Helping Professions
THS 105: World Religions
CSJ 330: Religion and Human Behavior

PART D: Complete 2 Courses from below or from B or C (6 credits):

SWK 250: International Social Work
SWK 210: Human Behavior ni the Social Environment

BIO 197: Biodiversity and Conservation
BIO 206: Survey of Human Diseases
BIO 207: Introduction to Public Health

BUS 251: Economics and Social Issues
BUS 320: International Business

CSJ 101: Introduction to Sociology
CSJ 202: Contemporary Social Problems

GEO 250: World Cultural Geography
GEO 260: World Regional Geography

HST 103: World Civ I
HST 104: World Civ II
HST 121: US Survey |
HST 280: Sports in American History
HST 301: Ancient History
HST 307: The American Revolution & Early Republic
HST 403: History of Russia
HST 407: Native American History
HST 411: History of Latin America
HST 413: History of the Middle East
HST 416: History of Modern East Asia


A student is permitted to overlap up to 6 credit hours between the Lourdes Core/General Education and the minor.

The minor must contain a minimum of 6 hours distinct from the major and/or additional minor(s).

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