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The ninth edition of �Tell Me a Story� is presented here for your reading pleasure!


The works you see before you are the best narratives written by students in the Spring 2010 class in Historiography at Lourdes College and are presented as a gateway to take you on a trip through time.


Two of the tales in the 9th edition of our journal take us back to England at the dawn of the modern age and the height of the industrial age.We learn the story of John Locke in the troubled days of the Stuart Kings and the story of the conflict between vice and virtue on the home front in Victorian England.


Two more histories come from the founding era of the United States of America � we learn that Abigail Adams was more than a colonial wife and supporter of her husband John Adams � she was also a wartime correspondent in her own right � we learn, too, that Alexander Hamilton remains as much a man of mystery today as he was in the past � a gifted soul who like Icarus of old flew too close to the sun � and so was bound to fall to earth again.


As fine as these works are, the winner of �Best Narrative� for the 9th edition of �Tell Me a Story� goes to William White�s beautiful � and truly heartfelt � story of the Hip-Hop Nation.


This year special thanks go out to Alicia Murphy, a history major who worked for the Department of History as a federal work study student in the Fall 2010 Semester, for her editorial support!



-- Mary Stockwell


Clio, the Muse of History


Clio, the Muse of History



Even the most painstaking history is a bridge across an eternal mystery.  ~ Bruce Catton, Prefaces to History




� Mary Stockwell 2011




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