�Tell Me a Story�

Lourdes College Online Narrative History Journal
Volume VII (2008 to 2009)

The Best Narratives Written by Students
In HST 430: Historiography
Lourdes College
Spring 2008

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�I Read the News Today, Oh, Boy�The Break-Up of the Beatles

By Steve VanEtten

The Greatness of George Washington

By Daniel Subleski

Persecuted Without Cause, Left Without Country: The Japanese American Experience during World War II

By Maegen Ruggiero

Walt Disney�s Dream:
From Disneyland to the Future

By Arianne Wilson

The Face of War: Gallipoli and Iraq

By Jonathan Meyer

In Defense of the Monarchy:
The Restoration of Charles Stuart

By Anthony Brown

The Scots-Irish:
Becoming America

By Heather McCaig

The Courage of a People:
The Russians in World War II

By Andrea Smith

��The Dream is Over:�
The Evolution of John Lennon

By Alexandra Balcerzak

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Editor: Dr. Mary Stockwell

Chair, Department of History

Lourdes College

Sylvania, Ohio 43560

Mary Stockwell 2009